In Otoño we preserve the tradition and values of the 100% Ibérico products. We breed our free range pigs in the Mediterranean dehesa, where they enjoy a natural and exclusive acorn based diet.

Otoño ibérico pork

100% Ibérico Acorn-fed

Otoño is the result of one family's care and respect for ham-making traditions, for more than 20 years. Dedication and hard work go hand in hand in this project, which caters to consumers who appreciate and revel in the pleasures of eating well, and who are conscious of the importance of preserving natural resources. Together, these things come to life as premium Ibérico pork products that are both distinctive and original.

Our estate is located in the Sierra de Aracena mountains in Huelva. The ecosystem here is that of the Mediterranean forest, replete with holm, cork and Portuguese oaks, which make it possible for us to raise nearly 300 pure Ibérico pigs. These free-range animals roam our lands, each consuming about one ton of acorns per year between the months of October and February, a period referred to as the montanera. The acorns are key to the characteristics of our products, enriching them with oleic acids and antioxidants – compounds lauded for their health benefits.

Otoño Huelva
Otoño Huelva
Otoño Huelva
Otoño Huelva
Otoño Huelva
Otoño Huelva
Otoño Huelva
Otoño ham

The product

At Otoño we raise 100% pure Ibérico pigs, a race known for roaming long distances. These animals wander the wooded scrublands of Huelva known as the dehesa, looking for acorns and the freshest places to graze, a habit that results not only in a nutritious final product, but one that also boasts exceptional flavors and aromas.

What distinguishes us is the implementation of processes that respect our natural environment throughout the entire value-added chain, from the elaboration of the product to its final consumption, which is the mark of true craftsmanship. Comprised of expert personnel, our team is dedicated to guaranteeing the quality and consistency of our products.

We offer only the finest cuts of pork: jamón (ham), paleta (shoulder) and lomo (loin); made using all natural ingredients and cured in our pure mountain air, in accordance with the traditional processes established by master ham makers. Likewise, our master carvers hand-slice our products, making it possible to enjoy them anytime and anywhere.

At Otoño, we are dedicated to preserving this distinctive environment. Not only do we appreciate its significance in terms of the qualities it brings to our pigs, but also for what the land means to us and future generations.

Our estate holds the international PEFC certificate, granted by the world’s top certifying body in the field of sustainable forest management. We regularly perform tasks relating to the reforestation of native trees, firebreak maintenance, conservation of meadowlands and much more – always under the supervision of sustainability experts who certify our work.

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